October 13, 2022
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Kurdish German musician Bawer Said is also a medical student, a YouTube star, an avid blogger, a model, and a world traveller. Baghdadi Bawer Said’s birthplace was the Iraqi city of Duhok. He always had an interest in gadgets, even as a kid. The German composer and musician achieved great popularity with his songs about young love gone wrong. He enjoys singing, listening to music, and eating.

Even in the classroom, he excelled; he went all the way through high school after starting in kindergarten in Bremen City, and he went on to graduate from Bremen’s most prestigious high school and university. Bawer Said has always loved music. He was just 10 years old when he began composing his first songs. In the following year, he decided to start playing guitar and composing music influenced by the electronic music of DJ Tiesto and Kurdo, among others.

He earns his living as an artist, singer, and cultural provocateur. His professional life started in the world of social media in 2011, and he has since expanded into the fields of photography and music. As a result of his efforts, he has amassed a sizable online fan base and has been authenticated on several social networking and music streaming sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Bawer Said’s interest in music is not new. A lifelong passion for music has always brought him joy. As a young man, he took music lessons from seasoned experts. As a result, he is nowrecognized as a genuine composer and held in high esteem by aspiring musicians all across the world, not only in Iran. What’s more intriguing is that he also pops up as an electronic music composer. He also wrote all the music and served as the producer for his own record. Few famous people can say they’ve accomplished that. Why would not he be a celebrity both at homeand abroad?

Bawer Said extraordinary musical works, such as Xew (2020) and Xozi Veman, have garneredhim acclaim from music fans all over the globe (2020). It was largely due to these out-of-the-ordinary musical compositions that Bawer Said became a household name throughout the globe.

His large fan base is constantly eager to spread the word regarding his upcoming number or single, attesting to this truth. Bawer Said has released an excellent Spotify album of his most recent work. Soz, Nazdar Nebe, and Mxabin are some of his most well-known tunes.

Although he has only been actively working in the music business since 2011, he has already outperformed several artists who began their careers much earlier. This is plain to see as he keeps releasing music that is a success with his audience. Indeed, he is well-known for creating music that tricks the mind and subtly conveys meaning.

Instrumental house and trance are where his talents really shine as a music producer. It’s true that several of his greatest hits are staples at major music festivals. In 2019, Bawer Said founded the “Bawer Said” record label. His hope is that it will act as a launching pad for electronic music producers who are looking to connect with a wide range of people who like listening to electronic dance music.

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