October 13, 2022
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Jon Mercure is only moved by music. In a time where the music industry has forced its fans into a whirlwind of social media lifestyle tropes, his mission is to give the world audio therapy.
Being afforded the opportunity to collaborate and produce for notable names like Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Freekey Zeekey of Diplomats and Ski Beats has helped refine his skill set that he shares with the artistic community at Axiom Gallery in Uptown New Orleans. Growing up in a nearby Uptown community built the foundation of memories that make Mercure a mutli-faced vocal performer who can sing songs about love while simultaneously crafting visual rap verses.
Mercure is well revered in New Orleans by a new generation of artists that hear the songs he produced for artists like Jet Life’s T.Y. and Young Juve (son of Cash Money’s Juvenile). However, he has been active in the city for over 20 years as a performer, writer, mentor and promoter of music events.
His latest project “Glass House,” is a peak into the window of the mind of complex man–vicious yet vulnerable. You’ll hear soul records sprinkled with modern drums and melodies that speak of every emotion from elation to heartbreak. Preorder Glass House here https://music.apple.com/us/album/glass-house/1647245353

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