Harry Miles-Watson: Interview

April 4, 2023
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Hailing from Scotland, Edinburgh-based Harry Miles-Watson & The Union showcase a genre defying sound: An erratic folk rock sound with a punk energy, eager audiences have been enjoying his latest release: ‘Saints of Jawbone Walk’.

Can you tell me a bit about your upcoming release?

Sure! Saints of Jawbone Walk is my first single in 2 years and also the first single professionally recorded with my band – The Union – playing with me. The single itself is a retelling of my first few months living in Edinburgh when I was 18, with most nights spent passed out in and around the meadows. The song takes a light approach, focusing on the brighter side of living that sort of lifestyle, that being the wonderful people who took the time out of their nights to help me when I needed it. Musically the song felt like the perfect choice for the first release with The Union as the song I feel works well as a sort of a Mission Statement for this new era of our careers, capturing the chaotic nature of the live shows in a short package.

How would you describe your unique sound?

Like listening to a bunch of Raccoons trapped in your bin on a sugar high. 

How is your local live music scene – and are there any exciting artists you recommend? 

I absolutely adore the local scene in Edinburgh. I’ve had the opportunity to play and hang out with a bunch of amazing artists who I feel very lucky to call my friends. To name just a few if you’ve got a minute, go listen to Eloi, Bootlace, Zaida Larose, Cherry Red, Dinosaur 94, Grace and the Flatboys, Late Night Chess, Figurines, Fright Years, Chell and the Vetos, The Overalls, The Ilfords, Trading Glances, Dubinski just to name a few (or a lot realise I’m cheating here)

There’s for sure people I’m forgetting here but honestly just take a dig around there’s some amazing stuff going on up here.


In an effort to make a totally unique piece of music, who’d be your dream collab?

To answer honestly, I’d love to get all the people I know and have worked with in one room together just to see what we could put together. However, if you’re looking for something totally unique i’d have to say i’d love to work with the inhabitants of the Scottish National Zoological Park. Really want to put an elephant on a track, pretty sure that hasn’t been done before. Or maybe actually get some actual raccoons in the booth.

If you weren’t a musician, how do you think your life would be different?

I’d still like to think I’d be as passionate about music as I am now even if I wasn’t playing any of it. My life would certainly be wildly different though, I wouldn’t have met some of the amazing people I have without it.

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