Dogs 4Ever, the new release of Snoop Dogg and Bo Johnson via Daxsen Music Group

November 30, 2022

Young Swedish sensation Bo Johnson continues to make waves in the scene, especially with his latest release Dogs ever featuring one of the industry’s most iconic names, Snoop Dogg. Following previous releases such as “Falling”, which reached #2 in the US Top 20 in its eighth week, and his single “When Dragons Cry” being recognized at the Streaming Music Awards, Bo Johnson has emerged as a true powerhouse.


When it comes to electronic pop music. With hits and dynamic and vibrant, fresh sounds that have shaped electronic and dance music fans around the world, you can always count on Bo Johnson to take you on a ride.


Bo Johnson’s latest hit “Dogs ever” offers a rich and melodic blend of RandB music wrapped in heavy doses of speaker-shattering bass and energetic percussion and beats that make you want to get up and dance. Snoop’s iconic vocals that helped shape eras bring a whole new depth to the release, his humble approach to rapping keeps it real, and his sound, the epitome of American West Coast hip-hop culture, seamlessly blends the two genres. Bo Johnson’s production ethic is, as always, polished, original and perfect for both radio and dancefloor, and Snoop Dogg’s appearance is a really nice touch.



Bo Johnson has continued to make a big impact in the industry with his music, and has developed quite the ability to create impressive, emotional productions with his genius ideas that transcend the boundaries of music genre, collaborating with artists and producers of various genres. As a top artist on Billboard, Johnson continues to prove that he has an undeniable ability to create impressive songs that many music lovers around the world can play anywhere, combining his difficult life experiences. and embodies them through his publications.

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