Exploring the Depths of Jill Rey

March 9, 2023
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– Jill Rey is an R&B/Pop singer/songwriter whose songs radiate a strong magnetic pull.
Raw, seductive & soulful, her vocals are harmoniously blended in French & English.
Born and raised in a small coastal town in Southwest France, she now resides in the USA.

As a youngster, she was inspired by artists like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson. Later she became uplifted by the sounds of R&B, EDM & POP.
In her heart, she visioned a career as a singer, performing around the world, but coming from a family of academics, she felt a duty to follow in the same academical path, for this reason, she went on to study law.

With a yearning for travel, in 2016 Jill Rey took the leap and moved to Australia. With only her French language, she journeyed with confidence. Globetrotting around Asia, opened her mind to life on many levels, and in 2018 she moved to America.

Living in the “land of the American dream”, gave Jill Rey a different outlook, she asked herself the question, “is singing possible?”

She told herself that life was too short for regrets. Motivated, she unleashed her talent for songwriting and came to the awareness, she would pursue her dream.

With a deep passion for music, the enchanting singer aims to one day inspire others through her songs.

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