March 16, 2023
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Chucka Ducka Is A Up Coming Artist From Muncie Indiana .

Chucka Ducka Had Dropped 16th Albums Since This Year And is releasing his 17th Album: 1 MO Time

Chucka Ducka Was raised in Parkview And Been rapping for 16 years . Chucka Ducka Is 25 Yrs Old
And His Name Been Buzzing For Years . Chucka Ducka Is Ready To Give Up The Street Life So He Can Focus On his music . Chucka Ducka lost his best friend Steven Aka Steve Moe’ He Said He Be Talking To His Fellow Bros Blick
Who is incarcerated at the moment. Chucka Ducka Is The Next Artist Up From His City

The Muncie Indiana Artist Is looking Forward To Meeting All His Fans And Supporters !!

Chucka Ducka Has Lost 4 of His Best friends Pete” & Day Day , China & Lo

He lost his Granny in 2016
And his first born child Itali in 2019 And Has a second Child That he Doesn’t Get to see Said ” The #ParkviewTV Artist .

Chucka Ducka Also Been Shot Twice When He was Seventeen n Recently last May . The Muncie Artist Grew up in a violent neighborhood. Chucka Ducka Wanna Thank His fans and City and People Worldwide Who Loves Him

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