Ukrainian duo Polyvoda come forth with unshakeable resistance, delivering their latest offering ‘Sirens’

November 14, 2022
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***100% of the streaming proceeds will be donated to the cause of rebuilding Ukraine***

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the sounding of sirens has become a daily occurrence for many. Each vies to tell their own story, and as creatives around the nation seek to penetrate the horrors of war, they are cutting through the noise with purely fostered passion, insightful lyricism and unshakeable resilience. Ukrainian duo Kyrylo Chykhradze and Denys Levchenko, aka Polyvoda know of these all too well. Now coming forth with the energy of resistance while offering listeners a moment of rest bite; Polyvoda now present their latest offering ‘Sirens’.


The fast-rising duo, based out of Kyiv, are undoubtedly artists born out of organic growth and collaboration, possessing a unique talent for the creation of thought-provoking projects rooted in unfeigned experiences. With the two joining forces in 2015, a number of thought-provoking musical deliveries followed as the duo collaborated with both US and Canadian artists, presenting something uniquely enticing and refreshing to the industry. 

With echoes of organic indie genres, hip hop fusion tones and packed with historic, emotive references, this poignant production reflects the concept that Russian propaganda is still very much prominent in the minds of many. Through song creation, the Ukrainian natives have discovered a pure means of translating and understanding their response to their chaotic surroundings. Where difficulty and strife show up in unexpected ways, the multi-talented artists are now living consciously and moving with intention as they navigate a new reality.

‘Russian propaganda may sound as the sirens of myth, but to us, it’s characterised by the air raid sirens, the missile strikes, sirens of violence and suffering.’  POLYVODA

The lyricism of ‘Sirens’ veers towards a stream of consciousness, reflecting on internal and external battles; meanwhile a wistful melody sits comfortably underneath a gritty, intoxicating flow that immediately garners attention. As the rising artists deliver a superbly thought-provoking track brimming with authenticity and raw honesty, they courageously step into their full artistic potential while supporting and championing their beloved nation of Ukraine.

Speaking of their latest offering, Polyvoda said: “100% of the streaming proceeds will be donated to the cause of rebuilding Ukraine”

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