Open mic nights and jams at university

August 21, 2012

There are probably two periods where my instrument playing has been at it’s best, the first would be whilst being in a band in college. The second is at uni.

You get to uni and it turns out most of the student population are musical, it’s central so many things – especially nights out. Whether it’s dancing around the student union to Take That, watching live bands or just a night in with some friends and a guitar there’s always something musical to do. 
I remember my mate Gordon playing Mr Jones at open mic nights, it was always one that the crowd gathered in the students union enjoyed, but was the first time I’d ever heard it and I thought it was a great track. A proper introduction to the Counting Crows who I’ve since come to really enjoy. 
I think there were very few night open mic nights that didn’t see Gordon playing Mr Jones, in fact the more you attended the more you saw everyone had their little signature tunes, the safe ones they knew inside and out – I was no exception their either.
Hearing the song will always remind me of those boozy days occasionally interspersed with study and work.

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