New & Upcoming HIPHOP artist ALDAMAR from the Middle East Debuting GFUNK

June 25, 2023
New & Upcoming HIPHOP artist ALDAMAR from the Middle East Debuting GFUNK
who is Aldamar ?and where did he come from?
The witty rapper was born in Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ALDAMAR is already making waves and establishing himself as an authentic voice and the next worldwide HIPHOP phenomenon.
ALDAMAR and his fortuitous crossing of paths with hip hop and rap would be the beginning of a great musical journey. With His hand on his heart, ALDAMAR is driven by his never-give-up attitude and unmatched work ethic to continuously kick the bar up higher. He continues to push the envelope on the realms of possibility and make music that is meaningful and real but still bangs right to the core of our soul.
ALDAMAR cites the West Coast OG rappers as influences in his music. He particularly singles out Pac and the era of gangster rap for the impact the music had on his flow and intricate wordplay. This amalgamation of strong musicality coupled with ALDAMAR’s distinct and unique style has led him into creating emotive and thought-provoking pieces of work that will move audiences for generations to come. He holds strong to his values of hard work and following through on your vision and hopes to translate this into his music.
He will be releasing his debut album “GFUNK Middle East†on the 2nd of july 2023.
Snippets from the album :
Pre- save the Album here:
ALDAMAR’s identity is encapsulated by the theme of working to get to where you want to be. Having grown up as a person who wasn’t particularly admired, he changed that perception by working hard in the shadows and growing his skills, and sharpening his talent. Today ALDAMAR can go to toe with the industry greats and begin his reign as the new school leader in HIPHOP, GFUNK Middle East album is an up-tempo release that’s meant to ignite a spark in the listeners, it’s a testament to the real sound of GFUNK! It’s a banger that reminds us all that you can achieve anything if you work hard and believe! ALDAMAR is the answer to the question that HIPHOP hasn’t asked yet and the missing piece to Hip Hop’s never-ending puzzle.
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