DeJai, an Arkansas native is a rapper

June 25, 2023
Hip hop, a cultural phenomenon that emerged from the streets of the Bronx in the 1970s, has become a global force that transcends boundaries and resonates with millions of people worldwide. As a genre that combines rhythmic poetry, soulful beats, and powerful storytelling, hip hop has evolved and transformed over the years, shaping the music industry and inspiring generations of artists. In this blog post, we will embark on a sonic journey through the ages, exploring the rich tapestry of hip hop music and its significant milestones.
DeJai, an Arkansas native is a rapper, singer and activist who began her music journey at a young age recording her first song “calling” at 15. DeJai released her first mixtape “hometown hero” in 2021 and migrated to Houston shortly after to pursue her career. She has been generating buzz in the city and set the stage ablaze with her most recent performance on the Teddi Tuesday Podcast. She performed two of her most notable hits “Debaters” a rendition of Houston’s very own Mike Jones “Still Tippin”. And her highly anticipate single “Sack Chaser” produced by her dad Mook Balencrime of the Family Ties/BangTheory record label. DeJai’s recent release “Wild Fire” a highly underrated track introduces you to who she is as an artist over a trap jazz beat and melodic delivery. It is one that you are sure to give a second listen.
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