Mary’s Boy Child – Underrated Christmas Song!

December 5, 2023

When Christmas rolls around, the same question is asked each year; what’s the best Christmas song?

There’s no correct answer, music taste is subjective. That being said, you’ll often hear the same suggestions:

  • All I want for Christmas
  • Last Christmas
  • Jingle Bell Rock

None of these are my favourite though. Oh no no no.

Boney M’s cover of Mary’s Boy Child is mine – which is always a surprise to people when I tell them.

The song itself was first recorded by Harry Belafonte in 1956 but the cover by Boney M in 1978 is my preferred rendition. I hadn’t actually heard the song myself until 2011, when I was introduced it to it by my then-girlfriend.

I instantly loved it. The track has a very enjoyable bounce to it – I can’t resist tapping my feet on bouncing in my office chair when it comes on. The lyrics themselves, like a lot of Christmas songs, are very religious in nature and simply structured. It’s certainly not a work of art in any sense, but it always brings a smile across my face. Partly from the forementioned bounciness and also in part the memories I’ve had when this song has been playing.

It wasn’t until I wrote this article that I realised just how many covers there have been of Mary’s Boy Child – there’s been over 15! Even the Bee Gees did a cover, which I’m listening to right now – it doesn’t quite hit the same as Boney M.

So, reader, this Christmas I recommend giving Mary’s Boy Child a go. Try and listen to the whole song without bobbing your head – I bet you can’t.

A big lover of music. I spend a lot of my time working online, often development of sites such as Madlows -  which means I always need to have music on to help me focus

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