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Hipster bragging rights

There’s a great fallout from watching a lot of bands and that is that you start to watch new support arts all the time and see some cool bands. When I was in college we used to catch a lot of gigs, being ideally placed between Liverpool and Manchester to head for either to watch live music. 

A band I saw live quite a bit during college for some reason was Ash and during a trip to watch them at the Liverpool academy they were supported by a group who absolutely stunned me. The band were Snow Patrol and they were so good that firstly I made an effort to make sure I remembered their name – so many gigs I don’t even recall the name of the support act after they’ve played. The next day I went online and found they had two albums out “Song’s for polar bears” and “When it’s all over we still have to clear up” which were promptly ordered. The albums didn’t disappoint, unless you consider that there are standout tracks on both and whilst good albums cherry picking the best from both you could end up with one great album.
Snow Patrol finally made it big with their third album Final Straw and oh the glee as the hipster in me has since been able to tell everyone how I listened to Snow Patrol before they were cool and correct people who think that Final Straw was their first album – “I think you’ll find they already had two releases before then”.
Both albums do have a different sound and feel to the later Snow Patrol stuff but if you are familiar with both you can certainly see the evolution and growth rather than a complete departure from the earlier albums.
Picking a track from both albums is difficult and I doubt this’ll be the only appearance of some of the songs on this blog but to get you started with the two albums I’ll think back to a favourite at the time even if it isn’t top of my list now but Black and Blue with it’s quiet start into a deafening crescendo used to be a great track for me – quite literally deafening if you’ve turned your headphones up at the start of the song and forget about the build up. A simple opening melody into a noisy thrashing chorus and memories of my college years come flooding back.

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