October 1, 2023
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Expressing the ups and downs of his own life, Pablo thrills with open and honest lyrics, as he explains his drive for success. Sharing his positive energy through the track, Pablo aims to be a source of inspiration for his listeners, the way his musical heroes were for him back in the day. ‘In My Life’ was recorded in Wembley with engineer Jay and producer MO. Hoping that ‘Early Mornings‘ takes him worldwide, Pablo is certainly one to watch in 2023. Writer, rapper, and producer, Pablo has been doing it all since he was 15 years old. Starting out writing bars and producing beats whilst still in school, Pablo got his start at a local youth club where they had a studio set up. Writing his own lyrics with a friend, he quickly became known for his freestyle bars and has gone on to independently release a number of singles.

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Bridging Punjabi roots with English rap, sharing his soul through every beat

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