Best Swiss DJ and Electronic Music Producer

October 6, 2023
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Spice.K Is a Swiss DJ and electronic music producer renowned for his skills within house and melodic techno. Based out of Lausanne, his musical journey embarked in the 90s, starting as a DJ but later seeking alternative paths in music, with first an education as a jazz musician as well as touring as a sound engineer for various bands, honing his understanding of sonic textures and arrangements. After a hiatus, the call of the decks became irresistible, and Spice.K returned to DJing in 2017, reigniting his passion and galvanizing his creativity. The resurgence sparked an evolution in his musical journey, inspiring him to create his own music. The year 2023 marked the start of his artist-project with the first single releases, which echoed the rich amalgamation of his distinct style. Spice.K’s music, a delightful fusion of House, melodic techno, and its variations, mirrors his influences – the groundbreaking sounds of Martin Garrix, de captivating and intense beats of Meduza and the relentless energy of Carl Cox. His music is a reflection of his journey, and resonates with an irresistible rhythm.

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