A Review of AKA Kelzz’s New Audio Show: A Bedroom Production Entitled ‘THE DRAMA SERIES’

November 6, 2022
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When you look at me, remove any assumptions that you may have and enjoy the simplicity and creativity of the music while the words do the work” AKA KELZZ

Berlin-based singer-songwriter, AKA KELZZ has set a precedent with their latest release: ‘The Drama Series’. Described as an audio TV show, the works is a DIY bedroom production that explores a journey of thoughts and feelings put forward by the artists. When listening to the works, thing are mellow with a gentle start: entitled ‘Intro’, the first track is a subtle mixture of neo-soul and a chill groove, whisking audiences through the internal challenges AKA KELZZ’s has endured, and personal battles they’ve had to face. When listening to the 6 track works, the lyricism continues to explore dark themes of self reflection, yet remains to tickle your senses with an uplifting resolution.  In the track ‘Get Out’, these emotions are clear with an eerie vocal arrangement, renascent of a subconscious. Accompanied with traditions deep riffs, a texture is given to the ominous composition. The body of work is a reflection of such barriers and the journaling which proved a form of empowerment to AKA Kelzz.

FROM PRESS RELEASE: Growing up in the UK with a musical family, Kelzz always wished to create their own art. Whilst working to find their own voice, Kelzz faced several difficulties and prejudices – they were unable to see where they would fit and be visible. Being scrutinised for looks, voice, and identity, AKA Kelzz  eventually redefined the industry’s standards to fit their own. Scarce representation in music has motivated Kelzz to support change when creating spaces for folks that do not fit into the European standard of beauty. As a queer non binary person, intersectionality and uplifting BIPOC communities is imperative to AKA Kelzz. Fulfilling the desire to make music and display their authentic selves, it’s a motivation to platform the voices of dark skinned black folks who are almost certainly erased and never seen as important.

Produced by talented and multi-instrumentalist Rafa Mura, the true voice of Kelzz is strong and authentic. ‘The Drama Series’ has ignited multiple collaborations between the curators since October 2020. A producer and close friend, it is clear how ideas bounce amongst the pair when they produce art that is so self-aware and attentive. The partnership seems a shining light moment when Kelzz started to sink into their own sound, using basslines and percussion that give listeners the illusion of hug. Tracks like ‘Spiritual Healing’ cement their voice as one that makes you listen. Rafa Mura has continued to push boundaries and expand the sound of AKA Kelzz, whilst continuing to create the deep and impactful messages to share with their audiences.


‘The Drama Series’ encompasses influences from artists such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and India Arie. However, a contemporary spin is on R&B is erected through the Berlin bedroom production. Moving to the town was a creative catalyst for AKA Kelzz, expanding boundaries through collaboration, following numerous bands and break ups. The collection also proved a prime opportunity for AKA Kelzz to establish creative evolution through the stopping of time during COVID19, by scaling down and learning how to independently produce their own music. A proud representation of who they have become, the EP is a collection of their life’s goals and dreams, plus the their personal journey they’ve been so kind to share. 

“From the 7 year old baby Kelzz, who was told that I couldn’t sing or there was no place for me in this industry… to then create my own space and be the representation that I so missed and needed! I can not wait for you all to hear my first EP and to perform it in front of all the cuties out there.”

AKA KELZZ – Full Circle (Official Live Session)

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