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Nicki Minaj


Drunken Spaz

 Picking up a drunken Spaz from the train station and having a good old boogie in the car before my leaving  do!!

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Take That

Never Forget

Never Forget

 The end of every night spent at Keele Student’s Union 🙂 Timeless! & I love the walking out of the screen on this

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Maximo Park

Sandblasted and set free

Cycling in Scotland

Great song – listened to this whilst freewheeling down a very long and steep hill in Scotland. The top of the hill was called ‘rest and

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Snow Patrol

Black and blue

Hipster bragging rights

There’s a great fallout from watching a lot of bands and that is that you start to watch new support arts all

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Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven

An 8 minute guitar education

There are few more epic rambling songs than Stairway to Heaven, it provides a pretty astute summary of Led Zeppelin and as

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Foo Fighters


And I wonder

I slightly missed out on Nirvana, I’ve listened to a lot of stuff since but as a teenager in the late 90s

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