For me the definition of "one hit wonder"

Chesney Hawkes : The One and Only

When somebody uses the phrase "one hit wonder" I imagine everyone has a certain track that springs to mind, there must be a different tune for every generation. For me it's Chesney Hawkes with the "The One and Only". I'm not posting it because it's a great track, it's a fairly run of the mill pop song, but it's one hit wonder status lends it a certain place in the memory of those who were around in 1991. 

I've actually managed to see Chesney Hawkes live twice, both at student unions as no doubt he spotted a market for those who were nostalgic for the songs that they grew up with in the early nighties and fair play to him. He was under no illusion that a lot of people had rocked up to here one song only. I imagine that's a window that's now closed as those who frequent the student's unions weren't even born in '91!

So Chesney I salute you for getting one hit, one more than the majority of the population manage and also for becoming the definition of "one hit wonder" for me - it'll certainly be interesting to see what sticks in the minds of those growing up now. 

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