Short, childish, puerile and full of pomp

Monty Python : Sit on my face

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Ah Monty Python, a comedy education of which it should be compulsory to study. The series may not quite hold as well today although there are still great sketches hidden amongst them, the films though are still outstanding and funny.

"Monty Python Sings" was an album I picked up off a friend at school, having no idea it existed prior to this. All the greats you'd expect are there - 'Always looks on the bright side', 'The lumber jack song', 'Every sperm is sacred'. There are some you'd maybe not hear written today - 'I like Chinese' for example, and do be careful where you start singing songs like that!

But one that stood out to me for the juxtaposition of the lyrics to the orchestral pomp of the song, for the daftness, for it's sheer puerile childish laughs, is 'Sit on my face'. Guaranteed to raise eyebrows from any non Python it's crass, crude and ridiculous and if you're prone to bursting out in song I'd certainly be careful where you sing this one!

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