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March 7, 2024

Curtis Vaughn, professionally known by his stage name Drazmatik, is a versatile artist hailing from the streets of Trenton New Jersey. As a rapper, producer, and songwriter, his musical journey reflects the authentic roots of hip hop. Growing up in the late 90s, Drazmatik witnessed the genre’s ascent during its golden era, shaping his raw and true-to-form rap flow.

Growing up in the streets of Trenton New Jersey during the rise of hip hop, Drazmatik became synonymous with his authentic flow that characterized the signature style of the genre. His connection with hip hop runs deep, having matured alongside the music during its capital days, a period when real hip hop was blooming. During this time, he, as an artist, was taking his first steps into the underground world of hip hop.

Having a symbiotic relationship with true hip hop, Drazmatik’s influences stem from the East Coast, particularly New York and New Jersey, where legendary figures fueled his passion for the art. In 2009, he marked his entry into the scene with the release of his debut album, “The Standoff,” featuring rappers Quiet and Mecca Starr.

In 2020, Drazmatik elevated his career by establishing his own record label, “Eastern Standard Time Records.” This move allowed him to not only produce his own music but also take on the role of CEO, testing his entrepreneurial spirit within the industry. Later, in 2023, he dropped the eight-track album “Play It by Ear,” showcasing his evolving musical versatility.

His continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of his craft is evident in the release of several singles and collaborations on various projects, including his latest single, “Strong Language,” featuring rapper and friend Tru-Werdz.

Drazmatik’s collaboration portfolio reads like a who’s who of the hip hop world. Over the years, he has worked with iconic figures like Wise Intelligent of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers, The Outsidaz, Young Zee, Rah Digga, Pacewon, and also was featured on the track “I can fly†together with underground legend Ill Bill from the group Non Phixion.

His talent is undeniable, a fact that has been consistently proven over the years. Through this resilience and dedication to the genre, he has carved a niche as one of the best MCs outta Jersey on the Underground hip hop scene and remains firmly gripped to the style.

Drazmatik’s identity as a rapper and CEO remains a steadfast force, a living testament to the authenticity and power of true hip hop.

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