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October 12, 2022
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Born in San Diego, CA and residing in Minnesota, Hasan McDuffie p/k/a Lil’Hyste, fell in love with music and the idea of rapping at a very young age. He spent the majority of his life traveling, growing up in places such as Arizona, New York, Georgia, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Lil’Hyste started making music at the age of 10, using a butter bucket with pencils until his parents could afford to get him a drum set. It was that motivation coupled with the first time he heard his voice on a tape recorder that led him to become addicted to music, and the rest is history. With huge admiration for artists such as Twista and Kirk Franklin, Lil’Hyste has adapted and mastered his own craft with a versatile, fun, and futuristic style. His music has been played on the radio across the US and overseas, making him a sought-after artist in his own lane.

He’s performed at a multitude of shows in different states, colleges, high schools, and won a Wild Out Wednesday tryout on BET. Lil’Hyste uses his music as his ministry, to inspire people to not only overcome their challenges and battles, but to also uplift and encourage them to celebrate life and live it to the fullest. He was taught that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything, so he made a decision to stand for God. And because of his rare message which is unlike most of what is popular in hip hop today, his music can be played for young and older crowds in clubs, churches, and everywhere in between. In the evolving world of hip hop, Lil’Hyste prides himself in pushing those limits and overcoming the challenges of blending in. His quest to go against the odds and feed the world something different is turning heads and stirring things up.

Despite being the outcast and being judged by many, Lil’Hyste stands for nothing but positive, inspirational music that blends the streets, pop, rock, hiphop and so many other styles together, with limitless creativity

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