Honey Pot

October 19, 2023
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Philadelphia born artist Na RÄi is very excited to announce the release of her new single HONEY POT! A track that is reminiscent of early 2000s club scenes, you will find yourself bopping along to the catchy chorus. With lively and expressive lyrics, the new track is just as vibrant as Na RÄi herself. Na RÄi got an early start in the arts as she took it upon herself to learn the piano at the age of 14. Soon after, she acquired 6 years of experience in dance, and by 2018 she graduated high school with a major in Performing Arts. Years of careful preparation and homing in on her craft led Na RÄi to launch her career as an independent artist in 2020, stamped by the release of her first single AFTER HOURS. As an artist with a versatile writing style, captivating vocals, and commendable work ethic, Na RÄi is well on her way to achieving many milestones in her musical career! Press play on the latest single HONEY POT and stay tuned for all the exciting music to come from the ever talented Na RÄi!

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