Dirtiest In Da Game by Solo Nitty Gritty

August 13, 2023
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Artist name Solo Nitty Gritty

Artist email: solonittygritty9@gmail.com

Title of song Dirtiest In Da Game


Music Genre: Gangster Rap




Solo Nitty Gritty is 43 years old originally from (Boston Ma) Now he lives in NashvilleSolo has been rapping since he was 11 yrs old he always loved music.its been in his blood from his Dad but rap has always been his first love Solo was a battle rapper first then he started becoming a story tell rapper because he has a story to tell everything he writes is da truth Solo Nitty Gritty is from da streets he  ran wit gangsters hustlers practically most of his life when he raps and writes what he had seen and done it’s all about the story of his life real stuff he has said he always keeps it 100 done music with icon rappers Kurupt, TragedyKaddafi,Planet Asia,Rass Kass,Kxng Crooked, and many more get in touch with him he would really like to connect with fans


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