Bed of Money Produced by Ju-Ice

September 1, 2023
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– [ ] IMMEDIATE RELEASE Flint Michigan Hip Hop Artist Ognutty Set to Release Highly Anticipated Song “Bed of Money” on JBM INC, Distributed on Empire [New York Feb 14 2023]- Ognutty, the veteran rising star in the hip-hop scene has announced the release in his recent interview he shared that this is his first professional release since his notable collaboration on the Tupac tribute feature with Ras Kas, Blu Divanci, and Bootleg. Following his recent signing with Empire, because of the guidance and management of Awol Dee and Edurk Black Pueblo, Ognutty is motivating his audience with his latest, “Bed of Money.” Scheduled for release September 1st 2023 “Bed of Money” promises to deliver an unforgettable ghetto love story experience. Ognutty’s unique style and lyrical powerfulness, combined with energy, are sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener. This single will be available on all platforms allowing nutty music to reach a wider audience with his talent catching the attention of industry professionals His collaboration on the Tupac tribute feature showcased his ability to give homage to the greats while he was young he owned his fresh first acts with his child hood friend and longtime rap partner Ken Scales. with his recent signing to Empire, reflects the immense potential and bright future that lies ahead for nutty and Empire is a testament to the label’s dedication to nurturing and promoting exceptional talent. With their vast distribution network and industry expertise, Empire is poised to elevate Ognutty’s career to new heights. The support and guidance provided by Awol Dee and Edurk Black Pueblo have been instrumental in shaping Ognutty artistic vision and ensuring his success. “Bed of Money” is a powerful testament to Ognutty’s determination and passion for his craft. His unique perspective on life, success, and the pursuit of dreams. With its infectious beats and clever wordplay, “Bed Money” is set to become a hip-hop anthem

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