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We welcome everyone posting to, it’s always great to hear new writers and we’re aware plenty of artists and promotional companies want to use However they often fall foul of our posting guidelines.

Remember at you’re here to talk about inspirations, about stories, not so much about your own music. That doesn’t mean it can’t work as a promotional tool. So here’s a few tips to using as an artist of PR person.

Read the posting guidelines

They’re here if you need them – posting guidelines. Have a quick read through those.

Get an idea of what the ethos of the site is

That one’s nice and easy to find out. Head to the about page for a few pointers but also check out the featured posts on the site as well. The Featured posts are ones that get a higher placing on the site and also the ones we share on social media so if you’re hitting the right topics there that will help.

Think of 3 songs / albums that inspire you

This is the starting point I recommend to anyone, think of what’s inspired you to get into music, to write your latest release, to try a certain genre, or just a track that sticks in your head with a certain time or place or event. Think of three and put them all down as drafts and then work from there.

If you’re looking to promote a specific piece of work of yours this is probably the best way to do so within the posting guidelines. You can weave in references to your own work and of course sign off with a mention of where the journey of that song or album landed you – at your own music.

A few writing guidelines

Aim for 200 words minimum, the better posts always have a bit more to say. Try and think of a specific story from your life that sits well with the track.

Find an image that sits well with the story rather than the actual track, try to go for something a little more than just cover artwork. is great for royalty free images and you can easily grab the image credit to copy in.

Don’t forget the tags!

Fill in your profile

Don’t forget to fill in the rest of your site profile with your social media handles, website links, profile and header images. A nice bio as well.


If in doubt ask, head over to the contact page and send a question if you aren’t sure.

Happy posting! We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the music you love.

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