Posting Guidelines

A stories site not a reviews site

Here at Mumubl we have one general aim, to gather stories about the music people love. Generally the rules are pretty relaxed as to what you can post, your profile is yours to fill as you wish in a way. So whilst we aren’t ostensibly a review site we do welcome reviews as they can be a story within itself.

What we don’t allow

There are a few things we don’t allow though

  • PR and (self) promotional posts, this isn’t the place to announce your latest release for example.
  • Spam, pornography, racism – you know the usual red flag subjects – both in terms of content and images in both your posts and your profile.
  • Anything copyright protected – if you are using images that require accreditation please make sure you add that.
  • And after that anything that is deemed inappropriate or distasteful (wide ranging I know), but if you think a post is sailing close to wind then we’ll reach out to you – or you can contact us

As per the Rules and Regs we reserve the right to remove anything we feel isn’t in keeping with the ethos of the site. That said we’re happy to enter into dialogue if you think we’ve been heavy handed in any decision. Often it’s a judgement call and getting it right 100% of the time doesn’t happen.

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