The Mumubl Card Game

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You can download instructions or read them below – instructions download link [click here]

The aim is to create a timeline of musical hits and be the first to collect 10 cards.

Each player is dealt a card to their hand and this initial card is always safe. You can lay your card face up on the table and draw yourself an imaginary line (or real if you want) to split your hand into safe cards and cards in play.

Initial Setup

Play then goes round the table a player at a time, the dealer takes the top card and reads the song and artist to the next player who has to work out where the card fits in their timeline. If they get it correct the card goes into the timeline in the “cards in play” area. The next card is then read out to the player who has to again fit this into their timeline. If you get a timeline placement wrong you lose all cards that are in the “in play” area. At any point though you can finish your turn and move the cards from “in play” to “safe”. The deck is then passed to you and you read the cards for the next player.

Any wrong cards are placed on the bottom of the main deck.

If you get a card with the same year then you use the month on the card to work out where it fits. If you get the same year and the same month then you get to choose to use it as it would suit you. E.g. you guess at a placement of between August 1999 and January 2010. If the card read out was either August 1999 or January 2010 then your guess is still correct.

Constructing a timeline

Once the entire round has been played if no player has made it to 10 cards then another round commences. At this point you must now fit your cards into the time timeline including all of your cards both safe and in play. Rounds continue until at least one player has 10 cards in their timeline.

Constructing the timeline with in play and safe cards

As soon as you have 10 cards you can check them out to the safe cards area. Don’t celebrate quite yet you might not the winner, a full round of the table must be completed to allow other players to get to 10 cards as well. If at the end of the round no other player has made it to 10 cards then you’re the winner!!! If not then we got to the head to head.

Head to Head Decider

If you get to the end of the round and more than one player has a timeline of 10 cards then a head to head round takes place. A player who isn’t in the head to head will be nominated to read the cards and players get one card to fit into their timeline. (If there isn’t a player on less than 10 then continue to pass the cards rounds as per the previous rounds)

Each player has to fit one card into their timeline in this round, if they get it wrong then they’re out unless all players get their card wrong in the round then all players remain in. There’s no checking out in this round, you have to make a guess, once the round is done though your new cards drops into your safe timeline.

As soon as there’s a head to head round where only one player gets the answer correct they are the winner!

Don’t know the song?

Not sure of a song? You can ask for anyone around the table to sing it for you – no points for the best renditions though!

A longer game?

Fancy a longer game? Why not play for a top 20, 30, 40? Or you can play through all cards once, setting aside wrong card rather than putting them at the bottom of the deck, or even play until the deck has been exhausted and whoever holds the most cards at the end of the game wins.

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