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Welcome to Version 1.0

So if you’ve never visited before you’re going to notice the site is looking a little different now. It was a lockdown project that has seemingly forever taken a backseat to family life and other paid work and the likes but finally here it is.
The previous site incarnation (now archived at historic.mumubl.com) was a completely custom code base that was first started in 2011. It has seen only little work over that past decade and when I decided it was going to need a refresh I hadn’t quite realised how much of that code base had needed reworking – you couldn’t even log in anymore!. So the project has moved on, it’s now got a completely different system under the hood and a nice style refresh and whilst the old site I always referred to as still in beta, this is now rolling as a full version 1.0!

So welcome to version 1.0 of Mumubl.com – I hope you’ll be keen to share on the site – there’s plenty planned for moving forward in terms of new features etc but if you have feedback or feature requests etc then head over to our contact page and drop me a message or you can find me on any of social network sites instagram, twitter and facebook.

I’ll keep the blog updated with updates and features and there’s also going to be some “introducting Mumubl” posts on here to help explain any points anyone asks about – you’ll see a post about posting limits up already.

I look forward to seeing what tracks and albums you want to share with the world!

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