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Some Podcast Recommendations

So much to listen to, so little time. I’m sure it’s the same for most people – I have a queue of new music I want to listen to, along with wanting to rediscover and enjoy old favourites and then add to that an ever increasing queue of podcasts to take up my listening time. With the drop of The Art of Longevity season II I thought though I’d offer up a few musical podcast recommendations and hopefully you’ve got some to share yourselves.

Of course if you need somewhere else for some musical recommendations then why not check out some of the posts right here on Mumubl.com.

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The Art of Longevity

A fantastic show from The Song Sommelier (https://www.songsommelier.com/). Listen as Keith chats with artists about their careers and staying power in the music business. This is one of those podcasts that still manages to be interesting even if I don’t hold a great love or interest of the artists music which often isn’t the case. Turin Brakes, Nile Rogers, Gary Numan, KT Tunstall – to name a few, the list of great names is piling up on this show and well worth starting at season 1 episode 1 and listening to them all.

Check it out at https://www.songsommelier.com/podcasts

Electronic Ears

Disclaimer here, I know the host of this show Fenner, but that doesn’t make it a great listen. Watch out for the opening “HELLO!” and then enjoy as Fenner takes you through an eclectic mix of all things electronic, from ambient electro acoustic music to more mainstream electronic tinged pop.

Broadcast weekly on Sunday nights on Barrow radio station Cando FM (https://candofm.co.uk/) you can also catch up on the show with the podcast on your app of choice as always – https://shows.acast.com/electronic-ears


The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum

I’ve long compared Jamie Cullum to a kind of gateway drug for Jazz and I think this is exemplified in his Radio 2 show. He plays plenty for seasoned jazz lovers to enjoy but often the show is a vehicle of discovery for those getting to know the genre and there’s plenty of new stuff to find alongside regular interviews and performances from musicians.

You can check it out on the BBC sounds app – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rr86v

Song Exploder

I should imagine if you’re heavily into music you have probably heard of Song Exploder by now, if not the podcast then maybe the TV show on Netflix. This is another show that does a great dive behind the scenes as the host Hrishikesh Hirway talks to artists from all over the musical spectrum about how they put together famous tracks with a track an episode format.

With the TV show I find I can much more easily watch episodes about songs I don’t know that well, or even like that much. However with the audio version I often lose interest when I’m not that engaged with the song in the episode so I’d say you should definitely pick and choose with this one – thankfully though there’s so much old content you’ve got more than enough to listen to.

Your usual podcast providers or check out https://songexploder.net/

NYT Popcast

I’ll be honest this is a show that features reasonably irregularly in my listening but I’m including it here because I don’t think it’s ever failed to give me a decent recommendation for some music to listen to.

Officially described as “The Times’s pop music team on music news, new songs and albums, and artists of note” there’s plenty in this podcast for everyone. Especially when it comes to discovering new stuff.

Check it out at https://www.nytimes.com/column/popcast-pop-music-podcast

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