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For Your Ears For Your Eyes #19

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Hi – It’s Dave here at Mumubl.com, welcome to our recommendation email where I give you some tips on what’s great to listen to and watch in the world of music.

The hottest new thing in town is threads, yes another social network, we’re there – https://www.threads.net/@mumubl_music – I’ve not quite left twitter behind yet but I can see myself doing so. Maybe just maintaining a broadcast presence there in future. We’ll see, it’s a lot to manage all these social networks. There’s plenty of talk about will this be good / bad for music – I don’t know. I doubt it’ll change much really. I’d be interested to hear what others think though.

One thing we’ll still be bringing though is some top recommendations – but you’ll always find them in your inbox first and foremost. So read on and hopefully there’s something you’ll enjoy.

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I Wanna Dance with Somebody / What’s love got to do with it / Glastonbury / Greatest Albums Live / Inspiration Liverpool / MUMUBL.COM

I wanna dance with somebody

I wanna dance with somebody movie poster

One side effect of the run of shows like X-Factor is that it gave a vague impression that there are people who can belt out a tune like the best of them hidden everywhere. That there are pop powerhouses in every corner just busying away at day jobs and doing the odd bit of karaoke. So it’s nice to be reminded of what a pop powerhouse can actually be like.
And Whitney Houston is definitely a pop powerhouse.

The life story of the singer “I wanna dance with somebody” is currently dropping onto various streaming platforms here in the UK and it’s a decent watch. It’s not doing much new with the genre, it’s a by the numbers biopic that is trying to squeeze a lot in to it’s run time. But it’s a good overview of her life and a great reminder of what she was like at the peak of her powers, lets not forget this is the woman who broke The Beatles record of consecutive US number 1s.

A great performance as well from Naomi Ackie who I was a bit unsure about on hearing the casting news originally but plays the role brilliantly, capturing Whitney Houston without feeling too caricature.

What’s love got to do with it

What's love got to do with it movie poster

From one pop powerhouse another, I’ve somehow managed to watch two films in recent weeks about legendary female vocalists. This 1993 biopic of Tina Turner suffers a bit in comparison with the dated production values and Tina Turner’s moves being that little bit more iconic as well so you sometimes feel like Angela Bassett is doing a Tina Turner impression rather than just acting as her. But it is every bit as good a film as the Whitney Houston biopic.

And if you thought the domestic violence and drug abuse of Houston’s life were a hard watch then wait until you get to Ike and Tina Turner. It’s to the film’s great credit that it shys away from none of it and puts the detail up there front and centre for all to see. That makes it horrifying in places but it gives you such a sense of the courage of Tina Turner and admiration for her that I think would have suffered had it been glossed over.


Screenshot of BBC iPlayer Glastonbury hub

If you didn’t know the BBC were at Glastonbury again. There does seem to be a belief that everyone loves it and we’d all be there if only we could get tickets. Which well, I might, but some people just like watching from the comfort of their living room.

As with previous years there’s plenty to pick from on the BBC’s iPlayer service, you can even skip all the songs you probably don’t know from the Guns ‘N’ Roses set.

Greatest albums live

Kelly Jones of Stereophonics on stage for Sky Arts

There’s a new series dropping on Sky Arts in the UK with a very simple premise. Bands take a great album and play it from start to finish in a live set, interspersed, for the TV show, with some chat about the background to the songs and the album.
I’ve dropped in on episode 2 which sees the Stereophonics play Just Enough Education to Perform, an album that I don’t really revisit in the ‘phonics back catalogue but I’d forgotten quite how successful it was. The format is really interesting, the between song bits adding plenty to the album. The whole thing kicked off with ABC and also sees Dexy’s midnight runners, Gregory Porter, Simple minds and Peter Frampton take to the stage.

Inspiration Liverpool

Connor James - Inspiration Liverpool

As I line up some new artists and music figures for the Inspiration Liverpool site you can catch all the current posts over at the site. If anyone is interested in joining in please let me know.

Have a read of that and the archive of old interviews on the site and keep an eye out on our social media for a heads up on new pieces coming up.

From Mumubl.com

The Mumubl.com website continues to get new posts and you’ll find one from me for a change, not a discussion of pencil cases but a look at the Foo Fighters hit Monkey Wrench. Head over to check out the latest pieces on there and also don’t forget you can sign up to add your own and share your musical loves.

This post was originally published on the Mumubl.com Newsletter. For updates and recommendations direct to your inbox don’t forget to subscribe.

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