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For Your Ears For Your Eyes #17

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Hi – It’s Dave here at Mumubl.com, welcome to our recommendation email where I give you some tips on what’s great to listen to and watch in the world of music.

It was interesting putting together this newsletter when I realised that there was a common theme running through a number of these recommendations. They are largely opening new chapters on the history of various artist and finding out more about artists I knew already. Not an unusual thing to do I know but I do really enjoying adding backstory to the music I’m already familiar with. And Bono makes it two email recommendations in a row.

If there’s any things you think I should be listening to, reading or watching then let me know, shout out on the Mumubl.com social media wherever you reside.

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Currently checking out – “Good Luck, Kid” by JOSEPH, not new to the world but new to me.

In this edition

Beastie Boys / Jimi Hendrix / Bono & The Edge / Buying catalogue / Inspiration Liverpool / MUMUBL.COM

Beastie Boys Story

Beastie Boys story

I stumbled across this one on Apple TV+ whilst browsing around and whilst I grew up with all the Beastie Boys classics (Fight for your right, Sabotage etc) I don’t think I’ve ever put a Beastie Boys album on, I’ve maybe listened through “License to ill”. They are a band I generally enjoy though and there were ever present in the MTV era of my youth.
A recording of a live stage show given by the two surviving members of the group Ad-Rock and Mike D, directed by Spike Jonze, the format certainly felt fresh. It tells the story of the founding of the group, their early days alongside Run DMC on Def Jam and everything through to the present day and the death of Adam “MCA” Yauch, the third member of the group.
It’s a captivating story, well delivered and the stage show format certainly translates well to TV.

Wild Thing – The short, spellbinding life of Jimi Hendrix

Wild Thing - Jimi Hendrix cover

Whilst I may have grown up with the Beastie boys in the background, as a budding guitarist I grew up with the music of Jimi Hendrix front and centre (not as it came out – I’m not that old thank you!) Jimi was an enigma and just about all I knew of him was he was a great guitarist who died young.

This book is a fantastic, empathetic retelling of the life of a musical genius and all the controversy and conspiracy around him. I hadn’t quite realised how murky the circumstances of Hendrix’s death actually were. My only gripe would be the almost too easy pardoning of some of his actions due to drinking whisky, like it was some excuse for behaviour.
Overall a well put together and worth reading look at one of the greatest modern musicians to have lived.

Bono & The Edge – A sort of homecoming

From Apple TV+ for the Beastie Boys we head to another + streamer for Bono & The Edge on Disney+. David Letterman travels over to Dublin to spend some time with half of U2 as they put together a show around the reimaginings of U2 tracks. Whilst it’s touched upon it does feel a little disrespectful to Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jnr to make them seem quite so disposable but the impression is they’re happy with it so who am I to quibble.
Having listened to some of the stripped back tracks on the recent album this does a much better job of getting them across and it’s interesting spending time with Bono and The Edge. Watch it just for the pub singalong to A Rainy Night in Soho with Grian Chatten (Fontaines DC) and Glen Hansard, the kind of pub night you’d love to be at and you imagine happens in Dublin all the time but is probably rarer than you think.

Buying Catalogue – Ongoing history of new music

Yes it’s Alan Cross of Ongoing History of New Music podcast with another great explainer, this time on the recent (or maybe not so recent) trend of buying up back catalogues. It makes headlines with the purchasing by mega funds like Hipgnosis but it’s not a new thing. In typical easy to follow style we get a history of buying and selling of music rights as well as the reasons for it being so noteworthy in the modern streaming era.

Whilst you’re there be sure to check out the history of skate punk episode as well.

Inspiration Liverpool

Connor James - Inspiration Liverpool

The next installment of Inspiration Liverpool has landed, chatting to Connor James, guitarist for upcoming indie band Dock City – talking about his love of The Beatles, The Wombats and lesser known Liverpool group Night Café.

Have a read of that and the archive of old interviews on the site and keep an eye out on our social media for a heads up on new pieces coming up.

From Mumubl.com

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This post was originally published on the Mumubl.com Newsletter. For updates and recommendations direct to your inbox don’t forget to subscribe.

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