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For Your Ears For Your Eyes #11

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Hi – It’s Dave here at Mumubl.com, welcome to our recommendation email where I give you some tips on what’s great to listen to and watch in the world of music.

It’s been a funny few weeks as so much went on hold in the UK for the Queen’s funeral, feels like we’re getting back to some normality after the barrage of media coverage. That said there hasn’t been a shortage of things to gather music wise, some great album drops in recent week’s as well including Turin Brakes, Suede and KT Tunstall.

But onto this week’s picks from me.

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Currently checking out – “Wide eyed nowhere” by Turin Brakes and “Harry’s house” again having been gifted a copy

In this edition

Trainwreck : Woodstock ’99 / Nevermind the Buzzcocks / What is a fake artist? / Sound music Awards / The History of Alt Rock / MUMUBL.COM

Trainwreck : Woodstock ’99

Released early in August this was on my radar to try and catch and I finally got round to watching it recently. This was very much my musical youth, I was a Limp Bizkit fan, Korn, Bush, Chilli Peppers, all very much up my teenage street. So the live footage of the sets was enough to have me hooked. The added background with the inevitable collapse of the festival into chaos was fascinating alongside it.

There’s a great narrative being presented of those in charge without a clue and in denial, still to this day it seems, about the failure of the festival. People love to gawk at an accident and the “trainwreck” of Woodstock ’99 is well worth your gawking time.

Nevermind the Buzzcocks

Sticking with the TV, no one is going to pretend that Buzzcocks in its current incarnation on Sky is any match for the classic series hosted by Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell. It is still entertaining though, Greg Davies heading a show which is back for it’s second series on Sky and opens with the legend Nile Rodgers joining the panel show.

Silly and daft and if you don’t laugh you’re probably guaranteed to at least find out a few musical facts you didn’t know – like that New Order once pissed on Spandau Ballet – which is entirely understandable according to Tony Hadley.

What is a fake artist?

An occasional entry to the recommendations is the New York Times Popcast, recently dropping an episode of Fake artists on Spotify and virtual rappers. Needs some attention paying in sections which nearly lost me as they talk about virtual rapper but a great education about what the new controversy entails and if it’s a new controversy at all.

Sound Music Awards

Liverpool’s inaugural “Sound Music Awards” takes place soon and whilst voting is closed to count up ahead of the show on the 3rd November there’s still tickets available at https://www.soundmusicawards.com/ An awards night where not only might you bump into me but you’ll get to hear some great music.

I put together a playlist of the “Song of the year” shortlist and it’s a cracker, I keep going back to it as an easy listen with some great tracks, music in Liverpool is alive and well it seems.

The History of Alt Rock

Yes I know this was in the last edition but having finished off the last episodes of the “History of Alt Rock” feature I’d have to highly recommend it again. If you’ve any doubt about the importance of punk or you want to see how the pieces fit over the years then this is the podcast for you. A pity it does stop about a decade short of the modern day.

Whilst you’re there be sure to check out some of the other episodes from The Ongoing History of New Music podcast.

From Mumubl.com

Some new posts on the Cage the Elephant and John Cooper Clarke amongst them – check them out at  mumubl.com/posts/

This post was originally published on the Mumubl.com Newsletter. For updates and recommendations direct to your inbox don’t forget to subscribe.

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