Not your average rap education

MC Hammer : Can't touch this

I didn't grow up listening to rap, in fact I don't generally listen to it now. However select rap songs find their way into my listening habits. 
As a youngster growing up in the north west of England I wasn't really identifying with "motherf**kin' Compton streets" and the like. Instead of Tupac and Biggie my rap introduction was the Fresh Prince, Vanilla Ice, House of pain and Stankey Kirk Burrell and his stupid trousers.
I can probably recite the entirety of the fresh prince theme but for some reason I know one verse of can't touch this and one only. I'll recite it with gusto at any occasion the song comes on, but it's pretty late on in the song and its waiting for this you realise how long and repetitive the song actually is.

It's not your traditional great rap song, it's not even a traditional great song, but I enjoy it and its one of those tracks that everyone of a certain age will know.

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