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Enoka has recently released a new single named “Do It All 4 Me”. This song is very smooth and organic, highlighting the incredible versatility in the music and vibe of this artist.


Fans of R&B, soul and even pop music are going to appreciate what Enoka brings to the table.


The song begins with a very lush and immersive introduction. The beat has a contemporary vibe, with massive bass lines and a pulsating kick drum that drives the song. Still, the vocals are most definitely the highlights of the arrangement. Enoka brings a lot of depth to her music and theres something special about how the instrumental and vocal side come together so perfectly as one.


The emotional intensity of the vocal performance matches the ethereal and dreamy vibes of the melody, giving the audience a cinematic experience from the moment they hit the play button.


Find out more about Enoka and listen to “Do It All 4 Me” on your favorite digital streaming services.






Enoka is an artist and songwriter with a distinctive way to combine the warmth of R&B with the melodies of Pop. She have done vocal demo recordings for producers and artists for years and now stands on her own feet as international artist.


Oak Sand
A production duo from Malmö/Lund Sweden, which consists of Fredrik Ekelund and Christopher Sandberg.

Fredrik a.k.a. FreddeRico , a singer-songwriter,producer and sound engineer that started his musical career as a solo artist. With a nb1 hit in Latin America

Christoffer Sandberg is a songwriter, producer and keyboardist who has been writing music for a long time for TV and trailers. His work has been placed in shows such as SuperBowl, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Big Little Lies (Nicole Kidman) HBO, Netflix and more

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